If you are like me, then you feel a deep urge to differentiate yourself from everybody else.

Back in November 2016,being one of the founders of a clothing brand felt truly special as it was something rare, especially in a city like Vienna. For me, one of the main reasons to join REAMO, was that both the brand and I strive for uniqueness. Since its formation,the brand has grown, SEASON 2 of our brand was released, the first birthday of REAMO was celebrated and we experienced unique, inspiring and even frightening stories.

 Over the past few months, many people started to release their own clothing brands. One cannot deny that like us these newly emerging companies promote their products well, by means of thoughtful representation of their brand in form of professional photography and nice webshops, and the products themselves are not bad, either. So, it seems that REAMO’s uniqueness, one of our most important concerns, is being threatened to some extent.

On top of that, with SEASON 2 a relatively big investment was made.We felt there was a certain expectation for the brand’s image to meet, which is why we refrained from starting risky campaigns. Still, many incidents had happened during the realisation of SEASON 2 - unique, inspiring, frightening stories. The result: never shared. As also on the surface REAMO continues to grow, a wrong move could lead to disastrous consequences for the brand. Nevertheless,deep down it was clear that something was wrong.

On 29.03 we sat down for a meeting and talked everything through. Omaer and I agreed that serious change has to be initiated, things have to become great, otherwise we might as well give up on this passion/dream of ours, completely.

 Thankfully, the support for new clothing brands will continue, especially because REAMO is not just about clothes. Now, the fear is gone and the actions to be taken in the new direction are being implemented. Reflecting on the mistakes – yes,there were many of them happeningin the background - the next SEASON must follow a new Approach, a new Strategy, THE REAL REAMO. #staywoke #SEASON3



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