REAMO an idea formed through the desire to stand out. To dare is the foundation of bringing visions to reality by two friends - Ahmed Nasr and Omaer Alam - who have a technical background. Inspired by a humble upbringing, technology and transparency the brand is bringing new breath to a messed up industry. 

Everything you will see us doing, is a chess move — a chess move against society. There are so many things, nobody ever reflected on in society. Norms, laws, perceptions, attitudes and expectations imposed on us that make no sense.
People just take things for granted and don't think twice. REAMO is about daring, about looking around us, reflecting on things in our lives. It's about inspiring people to look and think twice. We are a brand, a business and a vision that challenges the surrounding nonsense. We make stories with clothes. Thank you for being part of it!