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REAMO is a streetwear brand founded in Vienna Austria by two friends, Ahmed Nasr and Omaer Alam. Both never studied fashion or anything related - in fact they have a computer science background.

The goal of REAMO is to disrupt the fashion industry by changing the rules of the game and become a globally operating business and an internationally known brand.

Started by Omaer Alam who also named the brand (it’s his first name written backwards) his idea was to design garments that nobody had. To make unique designs so that he could stand out, he started to draw and modify jeans jackets he then would post them on Instagram and his friends would request Jackets for themselves. The demand grew and Omaer started making the iconic “I HOPE KARMA IS REAL” hoodi. They were sold out quickly but he had to stop REAMO because of school.

Ahmed Nasr was following REAMO from the very beginning as he knew Omaer from school. He finished one year earlier and started working as a programmer. During the time as a programmer Ahmed had the idea to start his own business selling clothes and it was a good timing because Omaer, Ahmed and other friends were starting to meet regularly.

After one of their meetups, they talked about REAMO and Ahmed mentioned that he wanted to start his own clothing line and offered to restart the REAMO project together.

A few months later Season 2 came out. Then came Season 3 the first designs that were fully custom produced. The Season 3 set a foundation for future products and the REAMO System. Because REAMO now had the ability to produce anything design in any quality and quantity Ahmed set a new System for REAMO. The idea is to stop mass-producing items and instead focus on offering many design variations first. Every design that is being dropped exists only in very small quantities and only if it is liked by the audience the design will be produced at a slightly larger quantity.

In 2019 REAMO started implementing the new system by dropping at least one new design every week. 

Reamo, Dare.

REAMO an idea formed through the desire to stand out. To dare is the foundation of bringing visions to reality by two friends - Ahmed Nasr and Omaer Alam - who have a technical background.

Inspired by a humble upbringing, technology and transparency the brand is bringing new breath to a messed up industry. Everything you will see us doing, is a chess move — a chess move against society. There are so many things, nobody ever reflected on in society. Norms, laws, perceptions, attitudes and expectations imposed on us that make no sense. People just take things for granted and don't think twice.

REAMO is about daring, about looking around us, reflecting on things in our lives. It's about inspiring people to look and think twice. It's about doing what nobody would expect of you.

We are a brand, a business and a vision that challenges the surrounding nonsense. We make stories with clothes. Thank you for being part of it! REAMO, DARE.  


The 2019 System stated above is to release at least one new design every week. But what is being released is only part of what's available to few REAMO customers.

The brand originally started of by designing things for friends only and we want to keep that aura. So we introduced an exclusive access to REAMO friends - these are people who interact with us regularly in various ways.

The best way for us to reach those people is by a newsletter. This is us reinventing the newsletter. Instead of that annoying spammy shit you get from every company, we want fans to be eagerly waiting for our next Mail. And we want them to interact with us.

In every mail there is a link to the exclusive store where exclusive and limited designs can be explored and purchased. On average only one third of REAMO designs are released to the public. The other two thirds (~63%) remain to our exclusive members.   But this is only a place for people who deserve the access though - someone who is inactive in any way will be banned from the list so it stays exclusive to those who deserve. Currently the access is accessible just by signing the newsletter and those who are on the list will stay (unless inactive). However with time the access will be more private as we grow to ensure it stays exclusive and to keep up with the demand. Sharing of the link to non exclusive members is not allowed though - let’s play by the rules.

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