Rack with various REAMO designs

New Brand Strategy: Why On Average Two Thirds of REAMO Designs Published Every Week Remain Exclusive To Our Newsletter Fam ?

At REAMO things must be exclusive to a degree that makes REAMO customers stand out from the crowd but also make it accessible to the ones who deserve it.

On average only one third of REAMO designs are released to the public. The other two thirds remain to our exclusive members. The designs we release every week are available for exclusive members weeks or months before they become public.

We like to stand out and hate mainstream. Not only in what we wear, that guaranteed to any exclusive member because they have access to things others can only dream of. But more importantly in the way we do things, talk, walk, do business (eg: we never do sales, because sales attract mainstream people), interacting with people, .. it’s simply daring.

We drop new pieces every week for two reasons: First we want to offer a lot of variety and a big selection for our customers to choose from and second we want to test our production infrastructure built in late 2018 to the limit so we can be confident about scaling - it’s a win win and the customer is at the focus.

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